nHydrate is a model driven development tool for Visual Studio. It allows you to create standard Entity Framework code based on a model. Your team can coordinate and use a single model to ensure that many layers of code are coordinated. This is not an ORM that simply creates some data-access code from a table-based model. It is a complete solution for coordinating code and database management in a single modelling tool.

Technology is moving fast. As a software developer, you are continually asked to asked to do more in less time. Building applications is more art than science and there is a lot of repetitive work. You can choose to use an ORM. There are many available that solve many classes of problems from easy to difficult. There are simple ORM mappers to complex model based, templated solutions. nHydrate is a model-generator solution that allows you to extend use of the out-of-the-box generators to create and manage a large portion of your codebase.

nHydrate is the culmination of years of real-world programming. We use and test our generated code in real-world applications, always striving to add more features that make your life easier. The whole point of a model driven tool is to reduce technical debt. The maintenance of a database/application system is large over the lifetime of a application. By being model driven, you can significantly reduce technical debt in your application upkeep.

Want to use MySql and Oracle

We are conducting a survey to determine if MySql and Oracle should be supported with our Entity Framework modeler.

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The complete project is on Codeplex.com: source code and all. We eat our own dogfood. All of our sites, tools, etc are created with the nHydrate generator. We use the generator in our commercial and fun projects. We are currently building a community of users. Please register and join us in making software development easier.

There are also write-ups and examples on CodeProject.com, as well as videos on YouTube.com.

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This is a framework that has been designed and implemented over many years. If you find this framework useful please donate to show your support.

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